asset protection through innovation



1. General. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following conditions shall apply to all tenders,
orders, shipments, etc. Asset ID Ltd therefore shall not be bound by any special conditions stated in
the purchaser's orders, letter of acceptance or similar document.
2. Orders. An order placed with Asset ID Ltd shall not be binding until acknowledged in writing by
Asset ID Ltd. Orders can be cancelled only with the consent of Asset ID Ltd.
3. Prices shall be set in accordance with Asset ID Ltd's UK price-list which is Ex Works, and excludes
value added taxes.
4. Terms of payment. Payment shall take place in accordance with the terms of payment stated on
the invoice. On expiry of the date of payment Asset ID Ltd shall be entitled to charge interest at the
rate of 1.5% per month.
5. Goods remain the property of Asset ID until the invoice is paid in full.
6. Delayed delivery. Asset ID Ltd disclaims all responsibility for delays resulting from non-delivery,
errors in delivery or delayed delivery on the part of Asset ID Ltd's normal supplier and sub-supplier,
the action of authorities, strike, lock-out, production difficulties and similar factors with which Asset ID
Ltd has to contend, transport problems, force majeure, and any factor likely to impede delay or
obstruct manufacture and delivery.
7. Packaging shall be executed to the best of Asset ID Ltd's ability with due reference to the mode of
transport chosen by the purchaser. Unless otherwise agreed packing is included in the price.
8. Complaints. The purchaser shall be bound to inspect the goods immediately on arrival at their
destination. Any defects discovered on examination, which is to be claimed against Asset ID Ltd, must
be notified to Asset ID Ltd in writing within 2 (two) weeks of receipt of the goods. Return of goods may
take place only with Asset ID Ltd's prior written consent.
9. Inspection. The goods shall be inspected and tested by Asset ID Ltd before shipment. The
purchaser shall be entitled to be present when the goods are inspected and tested. In the event that
the purchaser wishes any inspection and / or test conducted other than those normally carried out by
Asset ID Ltd, such procedures shall be subject to the approval of Asset ID Ltd. Asset ID
Ltd shall be entitled to charge for extra costs arising in connection with a special inspection requested
by the purchaser. In the event that the purchaser is not present on the date fixed for the inspection or
within the next seven (7) days, Asset ID Ltd shall be entitled to carry out the inspection in the absence
of the purchaser, and such inspection shall be deemed valid.
10. Liability. In the event that during the period of 12 (twelve) months following delivery, the goods
appear to be defective, and it is proved that the defects are due to faulty manufacture, the purchaser
must apply to Asset ID Ltd for an official PRN (Product Return Number), it should be noted that Asset
ID Ltd will not accept returned items without a PRN and that the purchaser will incur return shipping
costs without such PRN, Asset ID Ltd shall be bound to choose:
Upon receipt of the defective components/products, which must be returned carriage-paid to Asset ID
Ltd's address:
- to repair defective components
- to exchange the defective product(s) by supplying a corresponding new product to the purchaser on
the conditions of sale and delivery stated herein.
- to credit the purchaser for the defective goods.
- to grant the purchaser a reduction in the price paid for the goods.
11. Product liability. Asset ID Ltd shall be liable for personal injuries only Where it can be shown that
injury was caused by a fault or omission by Asset ID Ltd or others for whom he is liable. Asset ID Ltd
shall not be liable for damage to real property or chattels. To the extent that Asset ID Ltd may
incur product liability in respect of a third party, the purchaser shall be bound to indemnify Asset ID
Ltd to the same extent as the liability of Asset ID Ltd is limited in accordance with the two preceding
paragraphs hereof.
Asset ID Ltd shall not be held liable for loss arising from damage for which the purchaser can obtain
cover by contracting an insurance policy with an insurer. Asset ID Ltd shall, at no time be bound to
pay compensation for consequential loss, loss of earnings or indirect loss.
12. Product development. Asset ID Ltd reserves the right to modify the products without incurring an
obligation to make a corresponding modification in products already supplied. Asset ID Ltd reserves
the right to modify specifications, data sheets, drawings, photographs, etc. and information contained
Information contained in the aforesaid material shall be regarded as general and typical and
deviations from it shall not entitle the purchaser to bring any claim against Asset ID Ltd, unless Asset
ID Ltd in each individual case has guaranteed the information in writing.
13. All rights in respect of drawings and specifications belong to Asset ID Ltd.
14. Jurisdiction. The agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law
and the Courts of England shall have jurisdiction in all disputes arising in connection with the