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CCTV - The cost/performance benefits of analytics

Video analytics technology is revolutionizing the CCTV industry with manufacturers dedicating more and more development resource into this field.
Neural, deep learning & artificial Intelligence (DL/AI) and binary large object (BLOB) are the three flavours of analytics, each having their own benefits.
Neural are the most accurate analytics with the ability to learn objects and behaviours over time. These analytics sit at the top-end of the market.
In the middle sit DL/AI analytics, typically used for face, vehicle, people recognition with rules that can be setup to avoid false alarms.
BLOB are the most basic level of analytics, recognising object size (number of pixels), motion detection and some simple analytics like line crossing.

The future of Access Control

In addition to a growing remote workforce, the future of access control will increasingly rely on mobile technology. As the physical access control trends shift to digital,
mobile badges (credentials) will continue to replace traditional key cards and fobs.