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LenelS2 Virtual Netbox

HID Mobile Access

LenelS2 Video


Our client is a global leader in the artificial intelligence market, requiring leading-edge, security solutions for their offices.

Working with our technology partners and local service providers, Asset ID has delivered a truly integrated global system using future-proof technology

The technology   

Starting with the engine, this had to be fast, web-based and integrated with cloud technology. The LenelS2 Virtual Netbox was the perfect choice for us, requiring no client software at remote sites, just a web browser to access the server.

Netbox allows for partitioning so that each global office(s) can work as an individual system(s). Access Control devices and Video System Servers can be assigned to partitions so that operators work with the equipment that is relevant to them. Operators can be assigned to multiple partitions so that they can also manage other sites.

"This approach provides for a high-degree of flexibility."


"System Integrators and IT departments no longer have to rely on client software updates being pushed to specific machines, running specific Operating Systems with specific hardware requirements."


Mobile Credentials


These days everyone carries a smartphone and so this technology has been deployed across our client's global sites.

HID Mobile Access® is used for the issuance of a credential (card number), which is sent to a user's smartphone. When the smartphone is held close to the card reader the number is transmitted via Bluetooth and the access system decides whether to allow or deny entry.


"The issuance of plastic cards or fobs is fast becoming a thing of the past."

LenelS2 Virtual Netbox integrates with a variety of different manufacturers video servers. For this project we chose VRX 1000 machines with ONVIF compliant, high resolution cameras so that we are not reliant on specific camera manufacturer's firmware versions or driver updates.  
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